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Extravagant Basket

Our shelves are overflowing with a variety of Gourmet Extra Origin Olive Oils and olive-based products that taste and make you feel amazing! Give the perfect gift to that special someone who loves the taste of Greece, health-packed ingredients, fine foods and rich bath and body products.

Basket Includes:

1 x 750ml Original Blend Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 x 250ml Cayenne Pepper Infused Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil aka. Pizza Oil
1 x 500ml Black Garlic Infused Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 x 250ml Speared Garlic Infused  Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 x 250ml Smoked Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 x 250ml Kalamata Olives
1 x Green Olives
1 x Citrus Soap
1 x Unscented Soap
1 x 200ml Lavender Liquid Castile Soap
1 x 20g of Mountain Wild Oregano
Regardless of your budget and occasion we have options for you.  If your interested in curating your own baskets for family, friends, and employees, please Contact us to work with our baskets and gifts team.

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