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  • Olive Oils & Balsamic
  • Gourmet Kalamata Organic Olives - With Pits

    The land of the Greeks is blessed with an abundance of riches, both architecturally, philosophically, and nutritionally (to name a few). Ilias and Sons are proud to share in this abundance by offering you the chance to take part in a γεύση (taste) sensation - the Kalamata organic olive. 

    Plucking them from our olive groves, you know they're authentic because only Kalamata olives are marked with the unique Kalamata seal. Only these olives would leave you craving more from tasting this Greek creation. 

    Tell-tale signs of Kalamata olives include:

    • Almond-shaped, large, purple body
    • Meaty texture true to their hearty Peloponnese Origin
    • Usually preserved in wine vinegar or olive oil (which Ilias and Sons is proud to offer)
    • Grown on olive trees with leaves twice the size of other olive tree varieties

    These olives are bold, flush with nutrition and flavour - and waiting for you to taste. Try them out to get a taste of the Kalamata!


    Are you looking for larger quantities of Olives? Please get in touch with us at info@iliasandsons.com, and we can assemble wholesale and larger jars.