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  • Olive Oils & Balsamic
  • Rich in Vitamins

    Ripe with Vitamins

    Each drop of olive oil is bursting with vitamins that replenish the body.

    • Vitamin E: This vitamin helps defend our body from toxins that (unfortunately) plague or environment like air pollution. It also helps protect against premenstrual syndrome and cataracts.  
    • Vitamin K: Vitamin K helps the blood to clot properly. It also plays a key role in building healthy bones, and staving off heart disease. 
    • Iron: Iron helps the body break down and absorb proteins, and prevents bodily fatigue. Not having enough iron can cause the body to develop several types of anemia. 
    • Calcium: Your bones, heart, muscles and nerves all need calcium to work properly. Some studies claim that calcium helps fight against things like cancer (which would explain why our EVOO helps prevent it). 
    • Potassium: This vitamin provides relief from stroke, unhealthy blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, anxiety and stress.