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    How celebrities use olive oil

    It is often said that “Your inner beauty is what it counts”. However, to be a showbiz star, the beauty within may not matter as much as the one without. That’s why so many celebrities are prepared to go to great lengths to maintain a youthful and attractive appearance. In the quest for this Holy Grail, many of them have chosen olive oil as their trustworthy squires.

    Sophia Loren

    When mentioning “sex symbols”, most people automatically think of Marilyn Monroe. But there is another contender: Sophia Loren, the famous Italian actress that is widely considered one of the most gorgeous women in the world. For someone around 86 years old, that title says a lot. She began her film career at age 16 in 1950 and became an international star in the 1960s, winning numerous film awards. She was and still is considered sex symbol with graceful and gorgeous beauty. She once attributed her youthful look to her love of life and spaghetti. And her occasional olive oil bath. Well, it isn’t a whole bathtub full of olive oil but rather bath water added with capfuls of the oil. What a relief it is to know that the Fountain of Youth does exist, it just contains olive oil.

    Marilyn Monroe

    Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, olive oil was an important part of her beauty routine as well. Everything about her is stuff of legend, including her obsessive cleansing and thick masks of olive oil. Legend has it that back then, Marilyn Monroe washed her face so many times every day that her face became dangerously dry. In response, she wore thick coats of olive oil because it is known that the oil has great moisturizing properties. And from what we can tell, it apparently worked.

    Julia Roberts

    How does olive oil help the actress that has been named the most beautiful woman in the world a record five times by the People magazine? First of all, it improves her nail health. She keeps her nails in good shape by applying to them a mixture of a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and warm water, and leaves it on for about 30 minutes.

    But her nails aren’t the only body part that benefits from olive oil. Julia Roberts also uses the stuff to heal her cracked heels as well. Considering the fact that actresses wear high-heeled shoes and boots all the times, this condition not only affects your appearance but also causes physical pain as well. But a film career isn’t the only profession that requires women to put up with uncomfortable footwear, you may want to learn this trick as well. Anyway, Julia Roberts fixes her heels by rubbing in some olive oil of high quality, pull on a pair of socks, leave it on all night, and do so for several nights. Also, according to Vogue Italia, the actress uses olive oil as a moisturizer for her face. She massaged her face with a few drops of olive oil mixed with warm water.

    Emma Stone

    It’s tough to pursue a film career in Hollywood when you have allergy-prone skin: just think about the huge amount of makeup you would possibly wear. But that didn’t stop Emma Stone from being an established actress. She actually got help along the way. It is a bottle of olive oil on her sink.

    “I’m really allergic to a lot of stuff, so I can really only use products with a single ingredient. So I just put it on my face, and I smell like focaccia. And it’s really sexy”, said the actress who won an Oscar for her role in the famous musical drama La La Land. The science behind this wonderful effect is simple. Olive oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can easily calm sensitive skin and prevent acne. Moreover, as said above, olive oil is an effective moisturizer so it can keep Emma Stone’s delicate skin always hydrated and healthy.

    Kylie Jenner

    If beauty advice from the owner of a cosmetic company is true, then you should listen to what Kylie Jenner has to say about olive oil. She loves it. In a YouTube video with her famous sister Kholé Kardashian, the young billionaire declares her affection for olive oil which is one of her favorite body lotions. After a routine shower consisting of shampooing and conditioning her hair, and exfoliating her body with a loofah, Kylie Jenner will soak herself in organic oils she got on Amazon when she gets out of the shower. And olive oil is among her favorite choices.

    Jennifer Aniston

    Just tune in to an episode of the hit show “Friends”. You will find that Jennifer Aniston’s appearance hasn’t changed much: she almost looks the same as when the beloved sitcom first aired. And that was like nearly 30 years ago. How can she achieve this level of timeless beauty? There are a number of factors: good genetics (she said she got it from her father), drinking enough water, living an active life, etc. But olive oil counts, too, in a different way than other celebrities. She followed the Zone Diet consisting of 40 % carbohydrate 30 % fat and 30 % protein. A large proportion of the 30% fat is provided by olive oil.

    Selena Gomez

    Another ingenious use of olive oil, this time from the well-known actress and singer Selena Gomez. From a suggestion given by the American Idol season one winner Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez occasionally drinks a spoonful of olive oil to soothe her throat before she goes on stage. "This may sound gross, but sometimes I drink a little bit of olive oil. It tastes terrible, but it coats your throat so it's really good for the vocal chords", she said. Well, let’s just say she would find olive oil much tastier when used for other purposes.


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