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I+S Naturals Lavender

I+S Naturals Lavender soap is a handmade, cold processed, all natural, organic soap for adults and kids. Our premium organic extra virgin olive oil was used to make this soap and doesn't contain any additives or artificial colors. Pure EVOO contains 100% olive oil, unlike other castile soaps that have less than 80% olive oil. 

I+S Naturals Lavender soap can be used as a hand, face, and body soap as well as shampoo for dry hair. The natural fats provide a number of benefits to your skin including skin protecting, improved skin tone, softness and youthful looking skin through the restructuring oil. 

No Animal Testing

No Parabens

No Synthetic Colorants

No Petrochemicals




Key Ingredients:

Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea Europaea)

Lavender (Lavandula)

Distilled Water (Aqua)

Sodium Hydroxide


7cm Wide x 2.25 cm Thick x 7 cm Height

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