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  • Spaghetti

    This dish might be very familiar with fan of Italian cuisine to the point of boredom. But it could be a culinary delight in the hands of a masterchef. For ordinary cooks, it is super quick and easy to make and can be a real life-saver when you need to feed hungry mouths fast.

    Ingredients for 4 Servings:

    400g spaghetti

    200ml Ilias and Sons Original Blend extra virgin olive oil

    3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

    1 red chili, finely chopped

    A large handful of flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped (or basil)


    1. Cook the spaghetti in plenty of boiling salted water until it becomes soft but still has a little bite.
    2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a heavy-based frying pan over a low heat, and fry the garlic for 1-2 minutes until golden, stirring with a wooden spoon to spread the flavor through the oil. Add 2 tablespoon cooking water to the pan and stir in the chili and parsley. Season with salt and cook for 3 minutes, mixing occasionally.
    3. Drain the spaghetti quickly so it is still rather wet and add it to the sauce. Gently toss to coat, then leave for a minute over a low heat before serving on hot plates. The spaghetti can be accompanied with Greek Mizithra or Parmesan cheese.