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    Dark Organic Balsamic

    Introducing Messino Balsamic Vinegar, a culinary masterpiece crafted with passion and expertise, drawing on years of experience in vinegar production and a steadfast commitment to an age-old family recipe.

    Our balsamic vinegar, also known as sweet, is a testament to the artistry behind traditional culinary craftsmanship. Meticulously blended using grape must and Greek wine vinegar, it undergoes a minimum 6-month aging process in carefully selected tanks. What sets Messino apart is the absence of added sugars; instead, its delightful sweetness is derived naturally through the meticulous fermentation of the must.

    The result is a balsamic vinegar that captivates the senses—slightly thick, profoundly aromatic, and boasting a robust sweet and sour profile. Its versatile nature allows it to harmonize with a myriad of flavours, effortlessly elevating your dishes with a single drop. Experience the essence of culinary excellence where tradition, quality, and taste converge to enhance every culinary creation.

     Try it on salads and other savoury dishes, on desserts, or simply use as a flavourful decorative element when plating any dish. You will be pleasantly surprised by its addition to arugula, lettuce, grilled meat, poultry, lentils, yellow cheeses, fruit salads or even ice cream.