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EVOO's radiance: Make your skin and hair shine

by Giannakos Estate October 13, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

The youthful glow in your hair and skin is prone to fading with age. Long ago the Greeks discovered a natural secret to maintaining their radiance - they call elaiólado, we call it EVOO.

Make your hair shine

There are tons of ways blending EVOO into your hair's beauty treatments can help each strand shimmer.

Preshampoo hair treatment

Using too much shampoo can actually dry out your hair. Equally unfortunate, the chemicals in many conditioners can do more harm than good. Applying EVOO, a naturally formula, to every lock of hair is a natural way to keep your hair radiant by massaging in natural moisture.

Penetrate dandruff

There are tons of products out there that claim they can help you stop scratching and get rid of the flakes. Lots of them don't. A natural remedy that actually works is to nurture your scalp with EVOO. Applying this natural moisturizer to your scalp wipes out the dryness at the source - without the chemicals.

Stifle split ends

We can't control the weather, you can control what it does to your hair. Applying EVOO restores the moisture in your hair that's stripped away by cold, dry weather - leaving your hair glowing again. No matter how bleak it may be outside - you can still look great with EVOO.

Hair Growth

Oleuropein, found in Olive Oil, has demonstrated to be more effective that any leading topical hair loss product at regrowing hair.  Read more on this study and process by visiting the link below.



Let your skin glow

We're all filled with beauty - olive oil just brings it to the surface. Olive oil is filled with anti-aging oxidants and hydrating squalene that breathes youth back into the skin follicles.

Here are a few EVOO skin perks we've scavenged from different sources.

Lip Scrub

Transform your lips from being chapped and dry to being supple and tasty! Mix together some course sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil and dab it onto your lips. And if you really want, you can add lemon to give your lips some kick as they're nurtured by lemon's natural, acidic properties!

Gently remove makeup

Removing makeup day after day requires the utmost care to avoid damaging that look in your eye. EVOO's the natural, protective remedy for it. All you need to do is sprinkle a couple drops onto a cotton ball and gentle wipe away the makeup from your face. Not only does each wipe bring back your natural beauty, the moisture in each drop of EVOO maintains it!

Mend cracked heals

Cracked heals are common, and unfortunately too many just grin and bear it. Fortunately, there's a natural remedy you can apply before bed that works wonders:

  1. Remove as much skin as you can with a pumice stone.
  2. Apply olive oil to cracked areas
  3. Slap on some socks to lock in the moisturizer as you sleep.

In no time at all, your feet will look good as new.

Bathe in EVOO

We're not kidding. Senior, radiant, Italian actress Sophia Loren does it all the time.

All you have to do is drop five teaspoons of olive oil into your bath and mix it with soothing warm water. The result? Soft, smooth skin.

Hand moisturizer

Washing your body with many soaps actually causes your skin to dry out. We've created a couple of different soaps that'll keep you clean without compromising your glow. For those in love with lavender, it's our pleasure to offer our Ancient EVOO lavender soap. And for those sensitive to scents, we're proud to offer our PURE EVOO Soap - Unscented.

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