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  • Olive Oils & Balsamic

    August 18, 2018 3 min read

    Though the Fountain of Youth has eluded countless brave adventurers, there is a way that you can bathe in its restorative water, and all you need is olive oil soap. This is a natural remedy that can slow down the hands of time and preserve your charms and freshness of youth without causing any side effects. This post will tell you more about the wonderful olive oil soap.

    What is olive oil soap?

    As suggested by its name, the main ingredient of olive oil soap is olive oil, the healthy fat famous for a host of health and skin care benefits. Taking advantages of the magical oil and upgrading them to a whole new level, olive oil soap has consistently been extolled as a fantastic beauty booster and body cleanser. Members of aristocracy in ancient civilizations, like Egypt, used olive oil soap daily, and there have been many famous brands of olive oil-based hard soap such as Castile soap, Nabulsi soap and Aleppo soap. As the product is now within the reach of more people, perhaps you would be interested in trying the youth-renewing soap. Here are the benefits of olive oil soap that you could enjoy.

    Make your skin younger

    Olive oil is rich in vitamin, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals, which enables it to speed up the generation of new skin cells, slow down the aging process, and treat several skin problems such as rashes and sunburns. Therefore, using olive oil soap everyday can get you a few more extra years of youth. 

     An enemy for acne

    Those red spots on the face and neck have long been seen as the shame of adolescence. Young people tend to turn to commercial moisturizers that contain too much oil coupled with harsh abrasives, and consequently can clog pores and make skin conditions deteriorate even more. A great alternative for them is a bar of soap made of olive oil. While it is has the same cleansing effects, it doesn’t block pores at all and, as a result, allows the skin to grow and glow.

    A friend for sensitive skin

    Olive oil soap has an incredibly low pH, which means that it doesn’t irritate your skin no matter how sensitive it is. So it is no surprise that olive oil soap is considered the mildest soap, and a 2008 publication of "Paediatric Dermatology" even found that it could be applied to the skin of infants. Still, you must avoid the soap from coming into contact with your eyes to avoid its stinging feeling.

    A perfect skin moisturizer

    Producing very little lather, olive oil soap can give nature-based product enthusiasts an illusion of ineffectiveness. In fact, it possesses deeply moisturizing and nourishing properties that can leave your skin permanently soft and supple without causing any side effects like beauty products containing man-made chemicals. That is why it is strongly recommended for people with dry skin.

    A great way to get your mask off (literally)

    The residue of a face mask or make-up could be obstinate and wouldn’t come off on their own. But you can rub gently a bar of olive oil soap gently around your face to help remove it more efficiently. This method is extremely useful when it comes to cleaning eye make-up.

    Rapunzel’s Secret

    Massaging your hair with olive oil soap and warm water can help stimulate hair growth, make your hair stronger as well as reduce dandruff. This knowledge has been around since the time of ancient Egyptians, arguably including Cleopatra, who used olive oil as a hair treatment.








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