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    août 13, 2018 3 lire la lecture

    Do you know that EVOO has just been found to be the best cooking oil? That isn’t the only wonderful news as some researchers also discover that it can boost our interest in doing exercise. Besides, vets agree humans are not the only species that can enjoy olive oil because our pets can, too. But most importantly, the delicious olive oil has also become a life-saving medicine as it aids Ugandan doctors in the fight against maternal deaths. These are the latest news about olive oil.

    1. Saturated fat makes you less inclined to do exercises. EVOO doesn’t.

    According to a study conducted by the University of Montreal, there is a strong correlation between a lack of eagerness to engage in physical activity and overconsumption of saturated fat, which can be found in fast food, dairy products, cooking oil, meat, etc. Although it is universally accepted that excessive consumption of this kind of fat can contribute to a host of health problems, such as heart attacks and obesity-related illness, there has been relatively little research on its mental and psychological effects. Therefore, this study has offered rare insight into how saturated fat can influence brain function. The researchers say that saturated lipids can disrupt the production of dopamine, a chemical responsible for the brain’s reward system that gives us pleasure and motivation. In other words, the more saturated fat you consume, the less dopamine your brain will release, which consequently makes you less interested in completing tasks, like taking exercises. At the same time, the authors of the study noted that monounsaturated fat, notably olive oil, doesn’t trigger the same suppression response. So this is one more reason why you should switch to olive oil if you are a fan of exercise.

    1. To cook or not to cook? EVOO is extremely safe at regular cooking temperature.

    In a study published in the journal Acta Scientific Nutritional Health, Australian researchers debunked the myth that olive oil would become harmful when cooked at high temperature. It is common knowledge that when heated above smoke point, cooking oil will become unstable and partly degrade into some chemical by-products, known as polar compounds, that have negative health effects. This leads many people to think that since olive oil has low smoke point, it isn’t suitable for cooking. In the study, however, researchers tested the stability of a wide range of cooking oils, and the result invalidated the conventional wisdom: EVOO actually produced the smallest amount of polar compounds, meaning it was the most stable and safest oil. The researchers explained that smoke point wasn’t the only indicator of oil stability and concluded that EVOO could be used in cooking since, apparently, it is the best.

    1. Have some olive oil, for you and your pets.

    Our furry friends can derive many benefits from olive oil just like us. According to some pet health sites such as Rover.com and AnimalWised.com, olive oil supplements can help cats and dogs strengthen their immune system, and reduce their risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. (Sounds familiar?) Not only will olive oil improve pets’ health, but it can also give them more attractive appearance. A diet added with EVOO can help pets preserve their skin moisture and make their fur soft and shiny. But consuming too much olive oil can cause pets some health problems, such as digestive issues. 

    1. In Uganda, olive oil kindles a light in the dark.

    That olive oil can improve lives with its famed health virtue is a mere half-truth. The full truth is that it can also save lives. This is especially true for Uganda, a country that is fighting high number of maternal deaths caused by infection following Caesarean section. It can hardly rely on Western medicines as more than 60 percent of Uganda’s population prefers traditional medicine, according to a well-known NGO called the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU), and Western-trained doctors in the country are outnumbered by herbal practitioners 1 to 50. That leaves natural remedies the most suitable solution, and Joseph Ngonzi, a researcher at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), comes up with an olive oil and honey wound dressing called I-Dress. Olive oil has strong antimicrobial property and can be used to heal infected wounds. So far, I-Dress has worked well on animal subjects. If successful, I-Dress would move the application of olive oil from kitchen table to operating table, and save many mothers.







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