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    Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) has long been known to be tremendously beneficial to humans. It enriches the flavor of your food, boosts your health and prolongs your life. But do you know that simply adding a spoonful of EVOO to your pet’s diet also works wonders for your companion as well? Read on to find out how.

    “Pets” in this post only refer to cats and dogs. Reptiles, rodents, birds and other animals aren’t included though most vets agree that it is OK for them to use EVOO. Just one thing to remember: it’s EVOO, not other types of olive oil, that we’re talking about.


    Prevention of serious illnesses

    People who consume EVOO on a daily basis are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and more. This is thanks to the liberal amount of healthy monounsaturated fats and powerful antioxidants found in EVOO. Just as you can be free from the fear of those serious diseases, your dog can too. That’s right, dogs do develop such diseases, and by adding EVOO to their diet you are doing them a great favor.

    Immunity and longevity boost

    Low likelihood of getting cancer is good but it’s not the best thing EVOO can do for your dogs. Rather than cancer or strokes, pets are more prone to common yet serious sickness, such as a cold or runny nose. But they will be healthier and have a better chance of fighting off diseases once they have EVOO in their food every day.

    As explained above, EVOO with its health benefits can considerably improve the immune system, which results in less illness and more longevity. The average life expectancy for worldwide population is around 79 but many of my family members have lived beyond the age of 90! Just imagine how much of a difference EVOO can make for your furry friend’s lifespan.

    Skin and fur improvement

    What do you value most about your dogs? Definitely their loyalty and affection, not the way they look. But wouldn’t it be nice to have dogs both loyal and attractive? EVOO can help you with that.

    For humans, EVOO is known to moisturize dry skin, help improve skin health and delay the aging process of the body. For dogs, it does exactly the same thing, plus the extra benefit on your dog’s coat. You can either apply EVOO directly on your pet’s skin or add the oil to its food. Even better, a mix of EVOO and lavender oil gives you a chemical-free remedy for dog fleas.

    Ear cleaning remedy

    If your dog becomes is too smelly even after being washed carefully, it is probably having ear infections that give off the nasty odor. You can help it get rid of the situation by inserting warm EVOO into your dog’s ears with a dropper. Remember to warm the oil to your body’s temperature first. After dropping oil into the ears, gently massage them to make sure that the oil enters the ear canal. Repeat the process a few times, let the dog shake its head for some minutes, then clean the ears. Premium EVOO has antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial effects which make it excellent at preventing and reducing infections.


    Feline health and longevity boost

    The beneficial properties of EVOO are universal. They work on humans, dogs and of course cats. Daily consumption of EVOO will make your cats healthier, more likely to scratch its way out of illness and live longer.

    EVOO also helps prevent ear infections in cats. Apply the oil the same way you do with dogs but with more care as cats aren’t as docile as dogs. Additionally, you can give your cat a shiny and soft fur by incorporating EVOO into its food.

    Hairball cure

    Due to their grooming practice, most cats will eventually have hairballs. Though normally spit up, hairballs can sometimes get stuck in a cat's intestinal tract, cause constipation and result in its death. But the addition of EVOO to your cat’s meal is sure to prevent that scenario. Olive oi has a laxative effect, helping getting hairballs out of the cat’s body while easing digestion at the same time.


    How much EVOO you should add to your pet’s diet pretty much depends on its body weight. The most popular formula is to give your pet one teaspoon of EVOO per 20 pounds of body weight.

    Risk consideration

    An allergy to EVOO in pets is uncommon but not unheard of. You may want to consult with a vet before adding EVOO to your pet’s diet. Another approach is to feed your pet with a tiny amount of EVOO at first and gradually increase the dosage.

    EVOO can help people achieve weight loss if used in moderate amount. But it is still a fat: pets can be tempted into consuming too much oil (they’re animals after all) and their owners into giving them just as much. This can actually result in pet obesity. Therefore, you should think carefully before increasing the dosage.

    Lastly, only extra virgin EVOO is up for the task of improving your pet’s quality of life. Other types of EVOO may contain preservatives or chemicals unhealthy for your pets. Visit our newest Partner, EverythingRaw to get your Raw dog food, other healthy treats and EVOO for your pets.





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